Expect the Unexpected and Tell A Story   1 comment

Clint Eastwood famous actor and director “Knows” story! He was quoted recently commenting on what makes his recent film “Hereafter” so special. Now you know that Clint is not one for many words, he said “Story’s EVERYTHING, Story’s The KING.” He keeps his film focused on telling a compelling story. He knows and every who seeks to use any kind of media should know that “story is the language of the heart.” If you want to truly connect with your audience and as photographers it’s those who view our work, we must always focus on drawing our viewers into the story we SEE unfolding before us. Anticipate…previsualize where you need to be, know what equipment (body and lens etc) you need to make ready…flow into the timing and synchronize with the scene. Unleash the magic of a well-timed, well composed photo. The right moment captured in time for all to see. Practice…get feedback…make the right adjustments…practice…do it again…aquire more experience…evaluate…and perfect your craft. Enjoy the rewards of a photo done right and viewers touched by your vision and storytelling…So….Stay in touch and share what you are doing,    Dan


Posted March 17, 2011 by danphotoman in Uncategorized

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