When in Rome-Don’t Miss the Night Lights   Leave a comment

On my recent trip to Rome this last summer I realized I really missed the opportunity to do more night photography.  My last trip was my second time to visit.  There is so much to see during the day and believe me you will walk your legs off.  So by the end of the day you are pooped and want to rest up to see everything the next day brings.  You find yourself overwhelmed by all there is to take in.  It is sensory overload.  I pinch myself daily because I can’t believe I am here experiencing this amazing place.   As I learned more about Rome I came to realize that Rome is just as amazing at night.  All the popular historic and religious sites are fully lit-up and perfect for night photography.   Safety is not an issue if you use your common sense and stay aware of your surroundings. 

Night photography is fairly simple.     First, realize that most modern digital cameras are able to take night photos especially if you have ready-made lighting like many of the sites in Rome.  If you have the ability on your camera to change ISO setting, move it to at least 1000 or 1250.  Second tip, trust your light meter to tell you if have enough light of if you need to increase your ISO.  I am guessing most less experienced shooters have the camera set in program mode so the camera does most of the “thinking”.  Don’t feel stupid here, we all start somewhere and the skill of photography is developed by taking lots of pictures and making adjustments.  Third tip, develop a steady hand.  Keep your elbows in.   Look through the view finder, compose your shot, and use the point where your face touches the camera as another place to steady your shot.  Last of all breathe in slowly, snap the shutter button and then breath out.  Evaluate the result.  The beauty of digital is your instant feedback.  Don’t like what you see, delete the shot and try again. 

Stay tuned for more photography tips and ideas to improve your skills.  Don’t forget to post your comments.  I will answer each of them.  Lets start a discussion!!

All for Now, Dan


Posted March 22, 2011 by danphotoman in Uncategorized

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