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Night Shots on the Capital Lawn   Leave a comment

Everything in Texas is big, even the state capitol building in Austin.  It has been my pleasure the last few weeks to be working with some legislators on improving state processes to save the state money.  The days are long, but the nights are exciting if you want to do night shots.  The whole capital building is brightly lit up and perfect for night photography.  I took the challenge of creating some HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.  (Check my prior post for HDR techniques)   I also made it my goal to shot a few regular night shots working in existing lighting.  The beauty of digital photography is the instant results you get.  This allows you to make your corrections and try another shot.

There are two ways to shoot night shots.  First, take advantage of the new camera technology and adjust you ISO up to 2000 or higher.  Now with a steady hand and good camera techniques let you light meter lead you to proper exposure.  The second way is the more traditional  way by using a steady tripod.  Set your camera to lower ISO numbers, say 800 and down and take time exposures based on your meter.  Check your results and make your adjustments.

Always take your camera with you, even on business trips!   I hope you can have the fun I had one night on the capital lawn.

So that’s all for now.  Contact me, leave a comment.  I’d love to hear your photo stories.



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